Managing Partner, Construction

B.A. Politcal Science, University of Alabama

Jacksonville, Florida

After completing his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of Alabama, Keith embarked on his career at the Colonnade Group in 1998 as a project manager. His responsibilities included overseeing the construction and dismantling of PGA Tour golf events, managing vendors, and coordinating essential labor. In 2012, Keith led the design and construction of temporary infrastructure for the Circuit of the Americas. This extensive project included grandstands, modular suites, tents, flooring, restrooms, decor, furniture, power and HVAC systems, audio-visual setups, landscaping, and waste management. Handling an overlay site plan for 120,000 spectators, Keith designed layouts for 56,000 temporary grandstand seats and 17,000 semi-permanent grandstand seats. He also managed the drafting and distribution of RFPs, negotiating contracts exceeding $10 million. Collaborating with Lea in 2018, Keith played a crucial role in the design and build of the Austin Bold Soccer Stadium, delivering the project from start to finish, including design, purchasing, and construction within six months. Following the 2020 pandemic, Keith managed the design and build of temporary classrooms for the School for Lexington, delivering a 75,000 square foot facility within 30 days. Recently, working with Lea again, Keith contributed to the design build of a new stadium for Lexington, including the initial design of a 6,500-seat stadium, procurement of 3,500 seats for a temporary stadium, and installation at a practice facility. His multifaceted expertise underscores his integral role in diverse projects throughout his career.