Managing Partner, Design

Design for Manufacture; Plymouth University

Redditch, England

Lea initiated his professional journey as an aircraft technician in the Royal Navy, accumulating invaluable practical engineering expertise. Simultaneously, he pursued higher education, earning an engineering degree in Design for Manufacture from Plymouth University. Transitioning from the Navy, Lea swiftly ascended to the role of general manager in a temporary seating company, steering the business to success within a year. This experience fueled his entrepreneurial spirit, leading him to establish his own business. At the age of 29, Lea engineered a proprietary seating system, utilized in numerous global events like the British Open Golf, Formula 1, and the pinnacle of his career, securing the contract for the 2012 London Olympics, providing 125,000 temporary seats.‍ After selling his business, Lea continued his global ventures, specializing in the installation of stadium structures and temporary seating systems. Presently, he owns Greyville Enterprises Ltd., catering to the cycling industry by offering bikes, parts, and accessories. Additionally, through Greyville Sports, Lea supplies a diverse range of merchandise to major Premier League teams, addressing both retail and corporate needs.